How to Teach Your Toddler Their Phone Number Very Very Easily No Really It is

When our daughter was 3 we would hear her and often join in, singing songs she loved. She would also pop in my craft studio, hit the

Fender head, turn on the mic and we would hear "Mommy Daddy Mommy Daddy" sung very loudly. At times, at 3am. I was a singer, before I was married, in fact Jon was the sound man for the group I was singing with. A tip? Always marry your sound man. You get the best leads, the rest of the group doesn't know about till they hear the playback. I digress.

Mandy learned quickly how to use the sound system, with speakers at 5', towering over her. I noticed that she picked up the lyrics of songs very quickly, and her knowledge of the types of songs varied. She would sing old fashioned "diddys" with my mother in law, which I loved watching and listening to. At her daycare, which was next door to our home, run by our best friends, they learned silly songs, along with Sesamy Street. Barney had not yet been born.

At this point, we began discussing the fact that should Mandy ever get lost, we needed to teach her our telephone number, so that she could ask for help, and calling that number would certainly help. But, numbers seemed way over her limit...until I hit on an idea. Put it to song. And, I didn't have to go far to look, the good old ABC song, not to be confused with Twinkle Twinkle little star, had a 7 beat tone just what we needed, and she already knew the melody.

And so it began. It really didn't take long. She took to the new song so quickly, The only thing not fitting was the area code, so I added it at the end with a " and 510” to the tune of , “And many more....." from the tag line from Happy Birthday song. (Well, we always added it it was e f e gggggggggg in notes.) but it would be rare if she were out of our area code and away from us at the same time.

In these times, even more than 28 years ago, anything we can do to keep our children safe and happy is worth doing yesterday. You don’t want to hit overkill and scare the kids to be afaid to step out the front door, but having knowledge of basic information will go far in protecting our kids, and that is what comes first always.

Besides, you get to hear them sing again. Can’t get enough of it, now, before it has sounds of heavy metal, and banging against walls. Oh, wait, that’s the parents banging our heads against the walls…sorry. Got confused for a moment.

But I will tell you, when we were on a road trip with our granddaughter, and a country rock station was on, a song about a woman who’s a Red Neck Woman,hey it’s a good song, hearing it come out of the mouth the almost 4yr old gave it a whole other aspect! She can sure belt that song out!


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